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Re: Modes of Op

I try not to voice my opinion much on this reflector, but I must agree with
the below posting.  I feel a great deal of satisfaction from being able to
receive an image from Mir.  My dad, whom I am trying to get interested in
amateur radio, and my little brother might show a little more interest if I
could "show" them one of the many aspects of amateur radio.

On the other hand, I also realize that there are other forces out there
that, for whatever reason, have decided to have Mir transmit SSTV on the
weekends and voice/packet during the week.  For that to be the operating
mode on Mir, there must be a reason.  I don't claim to know the reason or
have any reason to be privy to such information.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there *is* a reason for the current
operating procedures aboard Mir; I would like to have my voice heard as
saying, "I would like to see more SSTV."

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>To all;
>If we want to keep interests high with satellite operation, we (all of us)
>must try to follow the advertising game.  If Hamsats are to keep the
>interests of everyone, then any operation from space is welcome.  I do feel
>that SSTV is more satisfying than packet (the inventer of this mode doesn't
>like real time conversations) since results are more visual and can capture
>the interests of people even though they aren't "HAMS!"
>Imagine how a classroom of youngsters would respond to this mode-its a
>Just my thoughts and "ANY" operations from space is a step in the correct
>direction. . .
>Dee, NB2F
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