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"Bad News"

Hey Dave:

Do you  realize that when packet is on  MIR it is considered bad news ?  If
you  did not notice, let me tell you. All you have to do is read the mail
about it. Would you like to know why?  Let me tell you. It is because it is
very boring to hear uninteligeable audio blips that repeat themselves over
and over. And from what I hear it is a very inefficient system since only
one contact can be handled at a time provided no body else is trying to
access the system.

I think the majority would like to see pictures coming from MIR. It is much
more exiting to watch an image forming before your eyes. And then hams share
it. You and everybody else can see them at several web pages and sites. the
same cannot be said of packet.

I think it is high time these facts become real to you. Based on the email
on this BB, looks like if we were to take a poll about which mode the
majority would like to see working on MIR, the majority would choose SSTV.

Maybe we should do just that. I encourage everyone interested in this issue
to write a nice note sharing their poosition and post it on this bulletin
board. That way we could take a count and let the numbers speak for

Best regards,

Jose Mihotek

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