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Re: Why is SSTV STILL on 2 mtrs?

The MAREX-NA SSTV project is still on two meter for two reasons.

#1.  The club which was going to deliver the power supplies for the MAREX-NA
SSTV project
, back out at the last minute and refused to deliver
the already Mir-flight qualified power supplies (Too bad politics has to ruin
good projects).
MAREX-NA has looked into several possible supply options.  We can not use off
the shelf
Mil-Spec power supplies for space flight inside the ISS or Mir.
MAREX-NA has found a source of ISS and Mir Flight qualified power supplies from
a commercial source.
Power supplies are too critical to rely on non-professional development.  The
commercial supplies
we located will not be affected by politics, but unfortunately are very
expensive, over $10,000-20,000 each
(with all flight safety approvals from both governments included).
Until we have a reliable supply on board Mir for the Amateur Radio station,
 there is no reason to use the other channel.  The 70 cm channel
was only for running both projects simultaneously.

#2.  The SSTV project is still located in the Priorida module, There is no
mounting space available in the
Mir-base block module for the SSTV project. (The physical location of the
MAREX-NA project
was confirmed today in a conversation with the Mir crew currently on Mir).
Since the hardware is in the Priorida module, we only have access to the 2-meter
auxiliary antenna port.
We do not have access to any other band from the Prioida module, JUST 2-METERS.
Even if we had access to 70 CM, there is no reason to use 70CM.  The 70cm
channel is only going to be
used when we have the ability to run both projects simultaneously (and if get
can get access to the dual band

The SSTV System will stay on 2-meters until both problems are resolved!

Miles WF1F


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"Dr Dave Larsen [ PhD ]" <doc@volcano.net> on 05/29/99 07:28:50 PM

To:   Miles Mann/PicTel
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Subject:  Why is SSTV STILL on 2 mtrs?

 WHY is SSTV STILL on 2 meters ???

 IF the SSTV eqm is in the MIR main block there should be NO reason
why SSTV can NOT be put on 430 were it is SUPPOSE to be as this is a
duel band ant.


From:     Miles Mann
Sent:     Saturday, May 29, 1999 3:28 PM
To:  Miles Mann
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Subject:  [sarex] Mir SSTV back on 2000 utc

Hi everyone:

I had a nice chat with Jean-Piere and Sergei on board Mir station today.
During the conversation we discussed turning on the SSTV system.  The mir
crew then turned on the SSTV for the 20:00 utc pass and is planing on leaving
the SSTV on
most of the weekend.

Sergej and I exchanged a few images, which ill post later.
I then i sent Jean-Piere a jpg image of his Wife.  Jean was very impressed.

During the 22:00 utc pass, the MAREX-NA SSTV system was sending a Null image.
This caused
when the camera either looses power or the video cable is unplugged.
So, even thought the SSTV is still transmitting images every two minutes, we
will not see any images
until the crew wakes up in the morning and corrects the image problem.


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