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Mir SSTV back on 2000 utc

Hi everyone:

I had a nice chat with Jean-Piere and Sergei on board Mir station today.
During the conversation we discussed turning on the SSTV system.  The mir
crew then turned on the SSTV for the 20:00 utc pass and is planing on leaving
the SSTV on
most of the weekend.

Sergej and I exchanged a few images, which ill post later.
I then i sent Jean-Piere a jpg image of his Wife.  Jean was very impressed.

During the 22:00 utc pass, the MAREX-NA SSTV system was sending a Null image.
This caused
when the camera either looses power or the video cable is unplugged.
So, even thought the SSTV is still transmitting images every two minutes, we
will not see any images
until the crew wakes up in the morning and corrects the image problem.


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