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MIR has "pet's" on board!

Hi MIR fans

I was monitoring today pass (between 1901-1910z), 
when Jean Pierre voice was heard loud and clear on 145.985 MHz. 
Someone (whose name is Frederick), asked him how he was doing on board. 
He replied "Very busy! There are lots of technical experiments going on.
I also have to look after the tritons!".
The other ham must have been surprised by the last comment,
so asked him again, to be sure about what kind of animals 
they have on board, and JP replied "Yes, tritons! ('salamandre')"
So now you know: MIR has "pet's" on board! ;-)

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
P.S. BTW, keep your eye on the "Le Figaro" (newspaper).
     He is writing an article!

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