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JP Haignere over EU

Hi Mir fans

A few hours ago (1945z 16May), I was dx'ing no HF band when I 
noticed the 2m FM (rig and tnc) "busy" led blinking. 
Because there wasn't no speaker connected (packet noise drives me 
crazy), I had to guess (using the s-meter bargraph) what mode was on.
It didn't look like packet burst's, so I release the external 
speaker jack and Jean Pierre voice was heard loud and clear!
He was trying to get a full callsign of a spanish station
(EA4AO?), and asking to stop the "modem transmition". 
He tried several times to pick the last letter,
but had to give up saying "Maybe tomorrow..."
Then he picked a "Y", then a "GA" and because he was not able
to pick more than that from any station, he asked stations to 
give only the last 2 letters, and reply only to the one he called! 
I called on this ocasion (although he was over Italy by then, 
the signal was 59+40). He picked my "AT", then the "CT" on the 
next over, but not more than that...
And once more demand several times to "stop the modem" and asked 
a QSP, to someone contact CNES (he even gave the phone number).
He picked a couple more letters, but he wasn't able to complete a single
So he said there is no way he can make contacts in this conditions... 
"Everybody speaks at same time", he said! He ended saying 
"Je suis desole!" (I'm very sorry). And lost it...

I don't think it's necessary to make any comment to this.
But I do feel very sorry! MIR frequency is looking like 20m...
And I'm very worried about it. We all know european hams have 
little discipline, but there are methods of "fight" against it.
Beside education (the long way), split radio operation (hard way)
could be a fast solution. Please use it! If it's not possible now, 
please train future ISS space hams to know how to do it. Otherwise 
I don't think may of them will be willing to contact us...

A final word for EU operators.
I'm cofident all in this list have good operating practice,
but I guess that might not be the rule on your country.
Please, talk to them: Write an article on your national
organization magazine, a msg on packet BBS's, an email 
on your national ham forum, etc! 
Just let people know their behaving TODAY is not helping
our amateur space plans for the FUTURE!

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. Between 2117-2126z only packet was heard, but we had a 
     beatifull visible pass! I could also check how good
     my antenna aiming system is accurate! A+ FYI :-)

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