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Revere Richardson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was listening to Mir on Voice on Thursday night at 21.08 utc over EI
> Jean-Pierre was on voice to French stations. Only he wasn't able to
> have any QSO with any station at all because of the QRM caused by other
> stations calling him...

I heard him today (28March, 1915z) also complaining about the same! 
He said he was looking specially for F stations...

> This has always been a problem over Europe that hams don't seem to want
> to listen and always will transmit over others to be heard.

I agree! The best (worst) example happened when David Wolf appeard the
first time on voice over EU. I posted an email on this mailing list
reporting that, 
and my belive that he wasn't going to return again. Unfortunatly, I was
(I didn't heard any report about any voice qso with him).
So, my conclusion is: if the operator is unable to deal with the
there is no way to go on simplex! And even he is "strong" enough to
the crowd, he will do it with efford! And that will not gave him any
and he will do other things on his spare time...

In order to establish a "system" that is good for any operator, 
the only solution IMHO is do it in SPLIT mode! It could be:
- "IARU R1 style": -600 shift uplink
- "SAREX style": several possible uplinks
- "DX style": up 5, 5 to 10 up, listening from xxx.xxx till yyy.yyy
- "SAT style": cross band contact V/UHF

All of them have good arguments against and for. The right choice
it's not easy. But I'm pretty sure any of the 4 solutions above
is better than simplex.  

> I've had my fair share of contacts with Mir, and i'm sure plenty of you
> have had too.  So isn't it time that we let the others, smaller stations
> and newer licencees have a go ???? I think so.. So please Listen next time.
> Especially if you know he's trying to have a conversation.

I agree! That's part my personal view also. 
But the problem is things aren't that linear... 
I think we can't see that in a prespective of, if you have worked
MIR on voice once, we have worked it all.
Although there is no "WACA -Worked all Astrounauts/Cosmonauts Award",
my "guide lines" is try to work ONCE every crew member of any space
Maybe you might think I'm very selfish, but I think it's the only way
to go, if you want to keep having the interest of tracking them!
Otherwise it will bore you... At least it have that efect on me.
(If I wanted just to listen them I could be SWL, not ham)
But, once you done it, then leave all other oportunities to others!
I've done that very often with Valery Kozrum. Two years ago (Feb 97,
before the fire), he was daily calling CQ, several orbits a day!
I could have worked him dozens of times, but instead of doing that,
I only replied to him when nobody else did it (particulary on Xtmas
And we had nice chat's! (Yea, I do miss him!)

I would like also to ad that I think astrounauts/cosmonauts radio
prespective is different of ours: We do short qso's, in order to 
give others more oportunities; they like to chat longer with a station, 
learn more about the person and the place they are talking to.
They also like to keep in touch with ham's they have talked before.
Like any other persons, they need friends! (I'm sure Claudio could say a
about the importance of this)
The problem is both interests don't fit easy, at least with the same
We have to be flexible! Education and common sense are the key words! 
> What do you think?
> I'd like to hear opinions on this as this problem has been commented on
> a number of times by Mir.

You, and the list, know my opinion now!
I just hope it help a construtive debate about the subject,
and not a "flame war". 

Have a nice week

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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