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Hi Revere,

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Here in Australia the problem is not nearly as bad as most Aussies will give
everyone a fair go. It is only when they don't listen first that they tend to
come over others.

I think that some people just don't realise that, although they can't hear the
other station, the Cosmonauts are in a very good position to hear everything
coming at them form quite a large area being the area of the earth's surface
which they can see. They then must try to make some sense out of the dogpile
which they are hearing. I think my reaction would be to turn off the radio!

Many times, when Andy Thomas was aloft, I tried to have a contact with him,
however, each time I tried he was in conversation with stations west of me
(mainly in VK5, his home state) and, by the time he was starting to lose them
and finish with them, he was starting to fade here as well. Oh well, such is
life, most of us on the east coast didn't have a chance but that's just how it
goes. It is still no reason to prevent others having their go.

I have heard that the band is bedlam in Europe with some stations hogging the
passes and working MIR on every available pass, especially on packet. This, to
me, is NOT in the spirit of Amateur Radio and is VERY selfish on the part of the
ground stations doing it.

My attitude is that once I have achieved a contact, sit back and let others have
a fair go, there is no competition for who can log the most minutes in contact
with MIR ( or the Shuttle or whetever) in fact, the opposite should be the case.
I've had contacts with MIR on packet and with several Shuttle missions but once
I've had that contact, I've received the thrill and I leave it for others to get
the same thrill of making direct contact with a manned space vehicle.

OK, time to get down off my soapbox.

73....Eric VK2KUR

Hi all,

I was listening to Mir on Voice on Thursday night at 21.08 utc over EI
Jean-Pierre was on voice to French stations. Only he wasn't able to
have any QSO with any station at all because of the QRM caused by other
stations calling him...

This has always been a problem over Europe that hams don't seem to want
to listen and always will transmit over others to be heard.

I've had my fair share of contacts with Mir, and i'm sure plenty of you
have had too.  So isn't it time that we let the others, smaller stations
and newer licencees have a go ???? I think so.. So please Listen next time.
Especially if you know he's trying to have a conversation.

What do you think?
I'd like to hear opinions on this as this problem has been commented on
a number of times by Mir.


Revere EI9EYB Ireland.
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Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe sarex" to Majordomo@amsat.org