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What is TEPR?

First, I want to thank everyone who responded to my question "AO-27 and MIR
on an HT?".  I really appreciate everyone's advises and I ordered an Arrow
Satellite Antenna.  I'm anxious to point it to AO-27 and to talk to all of

Now, here is a new question. Bellow is a paragraph taken from the Amsat News
Service (March 14, 1999).  Does that mean that AO-27 will turn it self OFF
18 minutes after entering sun light, OR it will turn it self OFF (18+12 =
30) minutes after entering sun light?

So what does TEPR stands for,
how does one convert TEPR to minutes ON and OFF,
why would someone set TEPR 4 and 5 to 24 and 60,
and would TEPR explain why someone said AO-27 is OFF below the equator?

Thanks and see you on AO-27

Grid: FN25
        The on/off states of AO-27 were re-set on Monday March 1, 1999
        by Chuck, KM4NZ. The TEPR states on AO-27 are now as follows:

                    TEPR 4 is 24
                    TEPR 5 is 60

        This means that the transmitter will turn on 12 minutes after it
        the sun and shut off 18 minutes later.

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