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Another interview with astronaut Andy Thomas...

G'Day from Downunder to all.

Back in June last year, I published a six-page story in Australian radio
magazine "RADIO AND COMMUNICATIONS", which I publish. The story was a major
question-and-answer session with Dr Andrew Thomas, VK5MIR (now VK5JAT), with
whom I was lucky enough to have had many contacts as he floated by. That
story was later published in the AMSAT-NA journal.

I was even more fortunate in late October to follow up this series of chats
with a personal meeting and interview with Andy, who had returned to his
Australian homeland for a quick visit.

That subsequent meeting has turned into another blockbuster! In the February
1999 issue of RADIO AND COMMUNICATIONS the front cover features pictures of
Andy, the Shuttle and and Mir, and there's six pages of story and pictures
inside. This time I was able to talk with him in more comfort, and discussed
a lot of aspects of his career and how he views his future.

It's clear that the majority of you would not see the magazine -- it's sold
only in Australia but we have a LOT of overseas subscribers!! -- but rather
than clog up the news groups with a story you may not wish to read, we have
put the entire thing up on the Web.

I think you will enjoy the story, and you'll be able to see a properly
formatted page with pictures and all rather than just piles of text...

If you're interested in reading the story, dial up

And please -- tell me what you think of the story! I'm sure there will be
another like it in the future. If you missed the original story from June
last year and enough are interested, I'll put that up on the Web as well.

73 and good luck to you all from Chris Edmondson, VK3CE
Managing Director,
Edmondson Pty. Ltd.,
Box 1 Yarra Road,
Wonga Park,
Victoria 3115

Editor/Publisher: Radio and Communications magazine
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