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Re: AO-27 and MIR on an HT?


last I tried ao-27 I used my  ADI Communications AT-600 handheld dual bander
along with my Arrow Antenna handheld dual bander yagy with a built in
duplexer in the handle and a 2 foot rg-58 coax between the radio and the
duplexer/antenna. I had full quieting and I even had a QSO with a guy in
Mexico city. I live in Florida. Ao-27 is active in the mornings during sun
light. you have to adjust for doppler and polarization. Try tunning 5kHz
higher or the smallest resolution your radio lets you ( 10kHz, etc..) when
the bird is climbing in the sky just over the horizon. .then when you hear
it distorting or breaking up tune lower to the exact freq. (zero doppler)
then as it goes down in the sky tune lower another 5/10 kHz. Also, rotate
your antenna for best reception. 5 Watts is all you need.

Same for MIR.

good luck


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Date: Thursday, March 18, 1999 12:49 PM
Subject: [sarex] AO-27 and MIR on an HT?

>Last weekend I installed WinOrbit on my computer to track AO-27 and MIR,
>I can't seem to be able to hear them.  I compared the AOS for AO-27 with 2
>sites on the Internet that gives satellite positions and WinOrbit results
>were within a minute or less.
>What am I doing wrong?  I read multiple articles that a HT will do.  To
>listen to UHF frequencies, I'm using a FT-470 with a 10" dual band rubber
>ducky, the squelch wide open yet.  To listen to MIR, I'm using an IC260A
>multimode in FM mode with a 5/8 telescopic antenna.
>I hope someone can help me because this is getting very frustrating.  I
>want to hear something from one of them birds.
>Thanks you in advance.
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