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RE: AO-27 and MIR on an HT?

Daniel said:

> What am I doing wrong?  I read multiple articles that a HT will do.  To
> listen to UHF frequencies, I'm using a FT-470 with a 10" dual band rubber
> ducky, the squelch wide open yet.  To listen to MIR, I'm using an IC260A
> multimode in FM mode with a 5/8 telescopic antenna.

Based on my EXTREMELY limited experience, you are not going to hear
much if anything that way.  My only demonstration of using a handheld
on AO-27 was at the ARRL SouthWest Division convention in San Diego
last fall.  A dual band handheld was used with a handheld dual band yagi.
If I remember right, the UHF yagi had around 6 elements (give or take 1)
and the received signal was no where's near full quieting.  It was quite
usable however.  I have personally tried to monitor AO-27 both at home and
at work on an AEA Isopole, a dual band vertical, and also a discone antenna.
At best, I could detect part of a word now and then, and more commonly the
signal was a barely detectable change in the background noise - in no case
was the signal usable.  I determined that I need to get my planned antennas
operational and then life should be better!

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Mobile Radio Operations
Southern California Edison Co.
(626) 302-8515  FAX:  (626) 302-9999

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