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No SSTV on MIR???? That's good news!

Hi MIR fans

If you are wondering why there was no SSTV after 0630z (7th March), 
my guess is Jean Pierre forgot to switch back to that mode after showing 
up on voice on 145.985. Yes, he was loud and clear this morning!

I was having a break from pile-up's (ARRL DX SSB contest) and ready to 
received the first daylight pic from MIR (today all I got was 9 complete
dark pics, hi) when I noticed a "strange" silence... then packet... and 
finaly a voice. It was a french speaking person, so there was no doubt!
He made a short qso, then I called him. He acknowldge my call (although 
he didn't got my full callsign) and then he made several contacts, with 
at least 5 french stations. Among them was F6BVP, so I suspect they were 
informed in advance he was going to show up ;^)

He said he was going to be on voice more often because he had received 
an amateur call. He also said the only problem was the amateur radio 
station was on another module (different the one they are normally),
and the fact that when they passing over France they usually have to 
talk with mission control in Russia (this info was obviously to F
About life on board he said "All is ok. We are in good shape and moral."
He also made some comments about having french products aboard.

All time he spoke in french (except when someone asked him about 
a packet message, and he replied in english), and ocasionaly his voice
was cut by packet bursts. The signal was up 59+20, as usually!

Now that you have the good news, it's time to go back to pile up's :) 

Have a good Sunday

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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