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	Norm Mcmillan, VK2XCI alerted our attention this AM to Mir SSTV. The Mir
crew had the camera pointed out of the  Piroda window and the pictures were
excellent starting at around 12:11 UTC when Mir came into the sunlight here
in Ohio, USA. The pictures, which show the  end of the Soyuz with its
antennas and Solar panel,  are good but not much of the Earth's surface 
was noteable due to cloud formations across the USA and Canada.  However, 
there was one very remarkable and interesting picture which was sent at
15:22 UTC when Mir was at a position of 32N and 95W.  This picture on my
high contrast TV monitor shows a vertical pattern of narrow cloud breaks
more prominent at the top and narrowing to the bottom of the picture. 
Looking closely there appears to be a slight "rainbow effect" combined 
with the cloud pattern.  Did anyone else note this detail?  73,  Farrell,
W8ZCF Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

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