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images SSTV MIR

Hi ritz, I confess I am using an unregistered w95sstv and I receive as a
.bmp file. It has the same colour range as the .jpg file but I use an
(Unregistered) paint shop pro to convert it (or any other software lying

I am unclear whether you lose the colour on reception or on conversion.

To check reception if you have HF go to 14.233 or thereabouts and somewhere
there will be sstv of various standards. If you get full colour there then
try and convert it and if you lose it then it's a conversion problem. 

I have an instinct that if it is being received only in blue you may have a
bandpass filter in on FM. You mentioned  to me that you have a packet
system permanently installed and you split the audio. Where do you split
the audio? as you know I am using a Kenwood handheld so it's not very
sophisticated this end.

Well done on the reception, of course as monochrome the pix are fine so
you've conquered the basic reception problem.

On Allen's point, there will be some colour differences between the sky at
your end and at mine, but if you look at my site you can see they are in
intensity of sun illumination. This seems to wash out the colours.

let me know how you get on, I'm looking forward to sunday already

BTW I don't know why compuserve puts spaces in between the varous elements
of my URL! Thanks for telling me abt it.

I am sending this URL without using the space bar:


73 de andy G0SFJ (not the astronaut of same name!)
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