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Some Mir Pictues

Hello All,
I am using the W95SSTV program. I had the program on auto mode since Saturday morning. I was not by the computer, but the computer received a picture at 2/28/99 04:20 UTC that looked strange to me. It's written on the picture "hey there mikey". Did anyone received the same picture?? I am located in New York City (FN30). I checked to see if there was a Mir pass, but there was not (at least not according to my tracking program). If anyone received the same picture let me know. I did not wanted to post it on my web page because I didn't know where it came from. It does not look like Mir picture. I have some noise on the picture so I cant tell what ales is on the background.
I also posted the pictures that are from Mir on my web page. If anyone like to see them visit my page and click on Mir Pictures. Today they almost look the same. The camera must of been in the same position.
Robert Orban N2XZS