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Re: Radiation in space

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Ken McCaughey  N3FZX wrote about Radiation in SPACE:

> The smaller the size of the circuits on the chip and the lower the
> operation voltage (i.e. any modern chip) increase the probability of an
> event.  The smaller the transistors the more that can be zapped..
> ...the game these days is single event tolerance.... you do the best you
> can to be able to recover from an event instead of being immune.
> Typically watchdog circuits are used to reset effected electronics.

Yep, you can imagine the resistance that I had to overcome when I showed
the EE Department the 8 transistor design for our watch dog timer that
I wanted made out of discrete transistors.  They simply wanted to go for a
"chip" solution and thought my circuit was "old stuff".

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