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SSTV for Mac - it DOES Exist!

On 2/23/99 6:58 PM, K4HN@amsat.org (K4HN@amsat.org)  passed this wisdom:

>There are some MAC programs at this site

 Well, I checked around quite a bit and found a number of pages, 
including the one referenced above that said "There are no SSTV programs 
for the Mac, so stop asking!" I also knew this couldn't be right. I have 
found a number of leads through the Metacrawler search engine  and have 
not had time to check em all out. The best one I have found so far is 
called "Multi-Mode" by BlackCat Systems, their master home page showing a 
number of ham related Mac programs is at;


The "Multi-Mode" page is at


The following is an excerpt from the Docs on Multi-Mode with regards to 

>SSTV (Slow Scan TV)
>This mode is used by amateur radio operators to send color and B&W images. 
>This SSTV image was received using MultiMode, as was this one. They were 
>both received on January 31, 1999, on 14230 kHz, using Scottie S1 mode 
>(the most commonly used mode in North America). 
>SSTV Modes Supported
>MultiMode supports the following SSTV modes. Is your favorite mode not 
>listed? Email me with the specifications for the mode, and I'll add 
>support for it! 
>Robot Modes
>8 Second B&W
>12 Second B&W
>24 Second B&W
>36 Second B&W
>36 Second Color (under development)
>72 Second Color (under development)
>Martin Modes
>Martin M1
>Martin M2
>Martin M3
>Martin M4
>Scottie Modes
>Scottie S1
>Scottie S2
>Scottie S3
>Scottie S4
>Scottie DX

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