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My images look like junk! HELP!

OM, you are doing nothing wrong. I have been to your site. 

My assessment is:

image number    explanation
1                             black and noise
2                             black, jumped into robot 72 by mistake (this
happens to me too on auto) and noise
3 4 5                       radiation hit! i have the same images here in
6                               radiation hit, noise, auto synch to Robot
7                                radiation hit
8                                  hit and noise

There is nothing wrong with your software other than when on auto rx it
sometimes jumps onto Robot 72. This happens to us all (it happens to me on
W95SSTV) . I don't know why. I prefer to be there at reception but
obviously it's not always possible. Try using unsquelched audio ie keep the
audio open. Looking at your pictures I suspect you are waiting for the
signal to open the squelch..

On the Rx side I use a HT too.The sigs are on FM. On auto I set my Rx at
145.990 (ie 5k higher). I find that at 145.985 it is only there for a few
seconds. But as the spacecraft approaches she is dopplering high.

On the "radiation hit" issue - you are really unfortunate by getting your
first pictures as the camera went down. This happened on my system too on
the same day as you, but earlier. But I believe that there are hopes of
getting the camera system up again. Try again Saturday and Sunday and maybe
Monday your time. 

Noise - because it's an analogue system the slightest bit of white noise or
hiss causes the line of dots scanned across the image. Anything can set it
off e.g. a refridgerator setting off, an old car etc. I live next to an
industrial estate......

Your system is ok! Let's hope the camera is OK! I would leave your system
on auto RX, 145.990, unsquelched audio for the next few days (ie until
tuesday) and we will see.....

73 es gud pix

andy G0SFJ

p.s. my site is:

http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/ G0SFJ

(that's G zero S F J)
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