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My images look like junk! HELP!

Greetings SSTV'ers.
I'm using the demo version of  WinPix32 with an older Kenwood HT handheld with the audio fed into a sound card.  I left it on for a few days, and did get some images that automatically were captured at the appropriate times when the MIR went over.  My problem is this - the images are junk.  I'm using Robot 36, which I got off a couple of webpages.  The antenna I'm using is a GP-15 vertical mounted really high.  It has about a 6db gain and I have extremely low loss feed line running only 20 feet.

I am not accounting for Doppler (I'm guessing that a one minute portion in
the middle of the pass will be good enough to grab the image while ignoring

I have the images up on my website in case some of you can use them to identify why I'm getting garbage.

I find it very interseting that the images received within 2 minutes of each other are identical, but still junk.

Do I need a preamp?  An eggbeater antenna?  Must I account for Doppler?  Robot 36?  It's just FM right?  (I can't be arround when the MIR actually goes over, i have to be at work, wait, i think i'm feeling sick... cough cough )

Many Many thanks to everyone who provides great information to the sarex list.
And an especially HUGE thanks to Miles Mann for last weeks excellent "Mir ARS Status Feb 20, 1999".  I've been just waiting for some detailed info to come through so I could get started.

David M. Ritzenthaler        http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/~ritz
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Washington State University                  (509)335-7301
School of Elect. Engr & Comp Sci. - Pullman, WA 99164-2752
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