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Mir pictures

Hi Douglas, thank you for your kind comments about my site.

But let me tell you about the very simple installation here at G0SFJ.

The antenna is a homebrew 5 ele which is FIXED and pointing south/190
degrees at an inclination of about 20 degrees. It's in vertical

Mir's orbits have an inclination of about 51.5 degrees, the latitude here
is 52.5 degrees. So Mir never goes overhead. Her max elevation is about
75-80 degrees. So mostly she flies towards and across the beamwidth of my

The RX is a FM HT, an old Kenwood tr2500. I set it on 145.990 (dopplering
high) as she approaches northbound. If/when nearly  overhead (i.e. max
elevation) I drop 5Khz to 145.985. I have found that dropping another 5
doesn't help. (I also have a small PA for packet but that's another story,

I use w95sstv either in auto or in manual mode. I prefer manual mode and
override if I am here. I leave the rx with unsquelched audio and take my
cue from the CW callsign. Even on auto I leave it on unsquelched audio. I
have found that squelch upsets the auto-rx, tripping it into Robot 72.

And that's it! A very modest station. But it has brought Mir to my family,
my office, to my local libraries, the local newspaper and my local
coffeeshop at the train station!

I hope you don't mind my copying this description of my rx setup to the
sarex network.

73 de andy G0SFJ (not the astronaut of the same name!)
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