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Re:Current Mir 2 line Kep source?

Thanks for pointing out a more likely reason, Bill. I have not been paying attention to the news. 
Before I posted my request, I considered the apparent rate of decay that would result in an ~40 
second difference in a few days and figured someone might lead me to a more reasonable reason.

To those that might be looking for the same as I requested, try this:


chose: OIG Main Page

then: Automated Downloadable Files

then follow instructions and choose your poison.

There may be other choices, so do not quit looking, here.

Thanks to those that pointed out the path.


> I don't think it has anything at all with their orbit 
> decaying. This happens every time there is a 
> docking.  They would have to update elements 
> every orbit to keep up when they change it for 
> docking.  You might check the NASA OIG 
> though to get a little more current than those 
> you mentioned.
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