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Re: ChromaPix


If I'm reading your post right, I believe the green bending on the right maybe
a receiving timing error. Bring up the pic and adjust the skew control on
the left 
control panel. This will straighten out the bend.

A more permanent fix will be to go up to the top right of the ChromaPix
program on the Opt.
tabs and select the one that allows you to set a left or right +/-  Rx
timing off set
for any future pics. This skewing is a result of a slight timing mismatch
the Mir SSTV clock and your computers sstv clock. Once set they will all
come down nice and straight. 

The color dots are noise hits, althought some think stars might be mixed in. 
Verticle bands of noise across the picture from top to bottom indicate noise
with repetitive timing and will usually be traced to power supplies or power
line noise in the neiborhood. Moving the beam will
give a good idea where its coming from outside.

All the shots I got to day were overexposed out the window pics except for
one nicely exposed & focused shot of carpet and a sphere of water (?) must
have been taken while they were moving the camera. I guess they will turn
off the transmitters tonite since I think they will be docking a Progress

Good luck at the earth station, 

Al Emer N2YAC

At 02:43 PM 99/02/21 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello All!  Well, it's celebration day here at amateur radio station N1EH.
>Had some problems with W95SSTV, so tried ChromaPix.  TADA!  Received MIR
>sstv pics during the Sunday passes over New England.  WAY COOL!  This is
>like taking part in the space program without having to be an astronaut!
>The pics I received had some noise dots and lines since my station isn't in
>the optimum configuration for space comm reception.  I copied a bright part
>of MIR upper left, and the blue of the Atlantic and brown of land on two
>different afternoon transmissions.  However, I noticed a green triangle of
>color on the right side of the frame, starting at the top right and getting
>wider to about 50% of the frame width at the bottom.  Anyone have any
>suggestions?  I don't know why this is happening.  Any suggestions would be
>helpful.  Am running ChromaPix on a Pentium 75MHz machine, Win95, 24 meg RAM.
>Thanks in advance!
>Best of 73
>Gene Harriman
>N1EH Space Communications Facility
>Plymouth, MA, USA
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Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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