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Hello All!  Well, it's celebration day here at amateur radio station N1EH.
Had some problems with W95SSTV, so tried ChromaPix.  TADA!  Received MIR
sstv pics during the Sunday passes over New England.  WAY COOL!  This is
like taking part in the space program without having to be an astronaut!

The pics I received had some noise dots and lines since my station isn't in
the optimum configuration for space comm reception.  I copied a bright part
of MIR upper left, and the blue of the Atlantic and brown of land on two
different afternoon transmissions.  However, I noticed a green triangle of
color on the right side of the frame, starting at the top right and getting
wider to about 50% of the frame width at the bottom.  Anyone have any
suggestions?  I don't know why this is happening.  Any suggestions would be
helpful.  Am running ChromaPix on a Pentium 75MHz machine, Win95, 24 meg RAM.

Thanks in advance!
Best of 73

Gene Harriman
N1EH Space Communications Facility
Plymouth, MA, USA

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