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Kenwood Data HT

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Brian B. Riley wrote:

> >     Last week's APRS/MIR School tests demonstrated that a digipeater
> >like MIR for UI frames can easily digipeat brief position/status
> >messages from the Kenwood Data HT....
> ...... But I wanted to ask your opinion of the 
> radio. Is it a good buy. I was quoted $449 by both HRO and AES I would 
> assume that the MSRP will probably hold for quite a few months to come. 
> Do you know if anyone has interfaced a PalmIII to the TH-D7A? It would 
> seem like a marriage made in heaven, the ultimate portable packet.

Yes it is.  Get a copy of PocketAPRS which runs on the PALM and integrates
the THD7 and a GPS for conmpletely foot portable operation.  The THD7
needs no PC or anyting to run GPS and or send/receive APRS messages.  But
to run conventional packet, thenyou need a keyboard/display PC.  ALso the
built in 9600 baud TNC allows *receive only* from the Pacsats with only a
3 element UHF handheld beam...


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