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UI Frames via MIR

 When I read the message Miles had sent to the SAREX board
I could not understand it, So I called Sergej [RV3DR and] asked if he
had gotten my fax about the MIR School test, his response was

 There is NO need to apologize Miles about SSTV being on,
I had a talk with the crew on my first pass over Ca. and told
them [ as they had not read the message about the school days]
about what was going on , I also asked them to please keep SSTV
on for a few orbits as MIREX though schools should get the best of both modes.

 The crew said they had just got done "trying" to clean up MIR
to get ready for the next crew coming up and had a few hours
to relax and talk to hams and SCHOOLS on the ground between
the SSTV.

As MIR left Ca. I could hear one of the crew calling This is R0MIR ~ CQ Schools.

 In the talk with Sergej RV3DR [ President of AMSAT Russia ] he had
hope that Miles would work with MIREX and The  MIR QSL manger and sysop.
I told him , I also hoped that this could happen.


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