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APRS/MIR School Club Roundup

On first pass of MIR today (1105 EST) over Maryland we saw several
APRS or other UI frames.  Come join the schools and kids.  Anyone may
participate during this week long School-Club Roundup so the schools
and kids that are also participating will see some stations on their maps.

You objective is to get one APRS Posit or UI packet digipeated by MIR on
145.985 so that the school kids see you.    Stations captured on this last
pass were:

N4ZO  in South Carolina
N3XPD in FN10
N3SKN in FM29
N8IGJ in Olad MI
W1YTL at a school
WB4APR-9 Mobile
R0MIR BLNA: The Mir crew extends greetings to all schools and Hams...

I just ran out to my car and activated my mobile set up on 145.985
since it was easier than configuring a station at the Naval Academy.
There will be 5 more passes today every hour and a half, so give it a
try... (UNPROTO VIA R0MIR of course).

Again, once you get one packet through per pass, your objective has
been met.  Sit back and enjoy the rest of the pass watching everyone
else.  Do NOT CONNECT TO ANYONE.  THis just wastes the channel for
everyone else.. Use UI frames only.

For details see http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/mirex.html

bob, WB4APR

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