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Re: JY1 SK

In a message dated 99-02-08 01:02:29 EST, you write:

<< Does anybody know if King Hussein's son is a ham or not?  Perhaps he's
 - David, W4HPW

As Wayne Green, W2NSD, of 73 Magazine has often explained (and he wrote the
origional outline for what became the Jordainian Amateur Service Rules in
1970) -- all members of the Royal family are radio amateurs by decree, but few
are active.  

I found no listing for Abdullah ibn Hussein (call sign suffix follows his name
and his fathers name).  On the other hand, King Hussein's brother -- former
Crown Prince Hassan is JY2HT (Hassan ibn Talal) -- and his cousin -- Prince
Raad is JY2RZ (Raad ibn Zeid) -- to name only two.  

Queen Noor is JY1NH (Noor of Hussein).

Also, I believe that all JY1, JY2 and JY3 prefix calls are reserved
specifically for  members and relatives of the Royal family.  JY5 are citizens
and JY6 are schools.  JY8 anf JY9 are non Jordanian citizens. 

The bigger question, does King Abdullah automatically inherit the JY1 call
sign?  In other words -- does the JY1 call sign follow the throne or does it
sleep forever with KIng Hussein?  That is one I cannot answer.

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF / Newsline 
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