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Re: MIR Mirror update

At 12:20 PM 2/5/99 -0500, Roberts, Melvin S wrote:
>FYI- From ABC News website...
>By Vladimir Isachenkov
>The Associated Press
>M O S C O W,   Feb. 5 - Russian officials scrapped the Mir space station's
>much-hyped space mirror experiment today after the shiny metal object got
>stuck and failed to properly unfurl. 
>     The Mir crew sent the mirror, attached to a cargo ship filled with

Speaking of mirrors, ...

I am working on something that may of interest.  The STARSHINE 
satellite!  Expected launch is this May on STS-96 Discovery.  
Good program for middle school and high school students!  High 
visibility (no pun intended :) for your school and community.  

Go to the web site to sign up!  

See more info at http://www.azinet.com/starshine



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