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Mir Znamya images captured by SSTV

Sorry to say but I am doubtful that the deployment was captured on SSTV.

 I have often wondered why identical or very similar images are often
repeated by the SSTV system in my experience, and this extends to pictures
where the ccd system has responded to random noise with a colour speck. So
in my judgement the repetition of an image with a speck on it does not in
itself constitute proof.

It was very exciting last night. I saw with my own eyes the "train" of Mir
and the rocket and in my excitement confused the bright star which was
actually Mir for the Znamya being deployed. What I actually saw (at about
17:43) was two satellites illuminated in in the same orbit, but I got a bit
carried away because I was expecting a bright star. I've seen Mir before
and this was actually Mir.

I didn't ;isten out for sstv on the overhead pass but listened on 143.625
(command channel) and hear nothing. I received a very similar image to
Farrell's last night - but on the later pass to the one that was overhead
me.The pictures then abrubtly sent total darkness. I have often thought 
that sometimes the system repeats an image in a bank.

If there was an sstv image of Znamya then of course my congratulations and
delight. I would just be a little cautious.

73 de andy (not the astronaut) G0SFJ
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