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Mir Znamya images captured by SSTV

The Mir crew turned on the MAREX-NA Mir SSTV system just after the launch
of the
Znamya Mirror.
When  Mir came in range of the USA around 1900 utc, we were able to decode
a few images.
In three consecutive images we have the same small dot in the upper right
corner next to the
Soyuze Module.  We believe the dot is the Progress M40 Znamya Mirror.
The dot is not a star, because a star would have moved more over the 6
minutes of images.
The Dot is also not noise, because it was detected by several stations in
the USA at the same time.
I think this is a first, the first time an Amateur SSTV project captured
the launching of a new satellite project

Did anyone decode any SSTV images prior to 1900 utc on Feb 4th?
If so, would you please send these images directly to my email address (jpg
or bmp).
The images will be posted on the MAREX web as soon as  possible.

73 Miles  WF1F MAREX-NA

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