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Re: Nasa tracking software

James B Sibley wrote:

>Those of you that have -or- watch NASA TV, you have seen that tracking
>software they show us. It has 3 screen area's and it is 3d.
>If any of you know what i am talking about, e-mail me and tell me where i
>can dwnload it.

The system you are thinking of is called DEMOS, for "Distributed Earth 
Model and Orbiter System". It runs on a Sun workstation and is driven 
by real time telemetry data from the shuttle which is distributed 
around the Mission Control Center by an "Information Sharing Protocol". 

I don't believe it is publicly available, in any event it wouldn't work 
on your home computer unless you were tapped into live shuttle telemetry 
data from the MCC (which you may be able to do someday).

There used to be a web page where you watch DEMOS in real time, but it 
seems to have been lost when NASA reorganized the shuttle web site.

Dan Schultz N8FGV
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