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Re: Nasa tracking software

This is one that i use, it seems to fit what you have seen.
take a look at the url and who use's the software. .... john

Jim Gill wrote:

I've looked at STS Orbit Plus, and while it is very good, I suspect that what you typically see up on the big screen in the flight control rooms on NASA TV with the very detailed 3d graphics is proprietary to NASA.  I have visited JSC in Houston and the Tour is very good if you get a chance to take it.  If there is not a flight in progress you get to sit in a viewing room overlooking one of the new mission control rooms.

Another excellent software choice for satellite tracking is InstantTrack, available to AMSAT members.  Look at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/catalog/software.html#it .

Jim    N0RMO
Omaha NE USA

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>>I believe you are talking about Dave Ransom's STS Orbit Plus program.

>?, nothing like it, i think I know the one he is talking about it is in full
>colour and has 2 smaller windows on top of i larger one and has quite hi-res

>>> Those of you that have -or- watch NASA TV, you have seen that tracking
>>> software they show us. It has 3 screen area's and it is 3d.
>>> If any of you know what i am talking about, e-mail me and tell me where i
>>> can dwnload it.

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