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This is what I was afraid of....too many cheifs and not enough Indians. Now the petty squabbling starts. You are ALL supposed to be adults and if SAFEX, MIREX AMSAT, ARISS or ANYBODY else cannot behave in a manner becoming this hobby and the manner in which ist is supposed to be conducted then perhaps ALL the above groups should be dis-banded in favour of a new organisation where reps from all countries are democratically voted in by people from every country. I for one do not want to see the future of amateur radio on the ISS buggered because of a hand full of anaoraks who think that they are better than others or think they have some superior ability or whatever. shut up co-operate or get OUT !.
Ian Koenig
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From: Carl Bennett <sircarl@echelon.ca>
To: SAREX Liste <sarex@AMSAT.Org>
Date: 31 December 1998 06:54
Subject: Re: [sarex] SAFEX RELEASE 30 DEC 1998

I strongly disagree to the commants made by SAFEX that MAREX-NA is harming the current projects on MIR and that they will harm ISS in the same way.  A new organization is just as good as an older one.
The statement made by  Mr. Mann that the larger SAFEX and ARISS are destroying all hope in future projects is very true. The withholding of the powersupply is just a small example. The greed shown be SAFEX is appauling,  If you expected to be paid for the powersupply then why build it before you asked if you would be paid??? And if you are worried that your precious powersupply would be used for the SSTV system and not your project why not build another one so that both systems could be used?!? why so selfish?  As I write this I have trouble comprehending just how childish these arguments realy are!

Their is no reason whatsoever that SAFEX, ARISS, MAREX-NA etc...  cannot work togeather on  a project.

Sincerely: Carl Bennett