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At 23:54 30/12/1998 -0500, Carl Bennett <sircarl@echelon.ca> wrote:

>I strongly disagree to the commants made by SAFEX that MAREX-NA is harming
>current projects on MIR and that they will harm ISS in the same way.  A new
>organization is just as good as an older one.
>The statement made by  Mr. Mann that the larger SAFEX and ARISS are
>all hope in future projects is very true. The withholding of the
powersupply is
>just a small example. The greed shown be SAFEX is appauling,  If you
expected to
>be paid for the powersupply then why build it before you asked if you
would be
>paid??? And if you are worried that your precious powersupply would be
used for
>the SSTV system and not your project why not build another one so that both
>systems could be used?!? why so selfish?  As I write this I have trouble
>comprehending just how childish these arguments realy are!
>Their is no reason whatsoever that SAFEX, ARISS, MAREX-NA etc...  cannot work
>togeather on  a project.
>Sincerely: Carl Bennett
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I believe the problem dates back to some sort of "conflict" between Miles
Mann and the AMSAT/SAREX/MIREX heavyweights. Meanwhile Miles has got the.
SSTV experiment up and running, (and P3D is still on the ground!) proof
enough to me at least that the new organisation (MAREX) is as capable, or
more so than the other pretenders.

Further more, the SSTV experiment has generated a huge response in both
amateur and educational circles. At the resumption of our school year I'm
going to do 2 demos to let primary and secondary students see live pictures
from space (if the whole job hasn't fallen apart by then). A couple of
"Distance Education" (scool of the air) kids happened to see it in my shack
visiting over Xmas.

Get a life you guys!

			73, Best Wishes for 1999
		VK2XCI. Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
	               Norm at Mount Hope. QF27wd                  

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