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Re: Comments from MAREX-NA 30 DEC 1998

Good grief Miles, you sound like a spoilt child whose candy got taken
Is this the spirit of Amateur Radio you are talking about?
With all due respect to a highly educated and capable human being, I
like to suggest a entry level course in tact and diplomacy. Honey catches
flies than vinegar. Even dumb old me knows that. Take it easy  "Mann".
73 and may the spirit of ALOHA enter your endeavors. De Peter, NH6VB.

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 17:23:49 -0500 "Miles Mann" <Miles_Mann@pictel.com>
>December 30, 1998
>The international Space station is supposed to be a place of 
>Over 16 countries have come together to build the new ISS.
>Amateur Radio operations have always been supporters of international
>However the creation of ARISS, is just one big monopoly of AMSAT, 
>SAREX and
>SAFEX clubs.
>A monopoly who=92s primary goal is to prevent independent experienced
>satellite clubs
>from participating in space.
>This following statement from Thomas Kieselbach, proves my earlier 
>SAFEX=92s lack of willingness to cooperate with other independent 
>excerpt from Thomas memo
>This stimulated us to develop a new power supply for the Russian 2 
>station in a very short time without having any special contract and 
>money. This is the reason why the spare power supply has not been sent 
>Russia but held by us. Otherwise it would have been used without our
>knowledge for the SSTV equipment and could not have been considered as 
>spare for the space-based one.
>This statement proves:
>1. The spare power supply is just sitting on a shelf in Germany.
>2. SAFEX refuses to release or sell the power supply. (my contacts in
>Moscow told
>me the power supply is owed to Moscow, however even though I was told 
>than one time, there still could be a language translation error).
>3. SAFEX=92s reason for not delivering is because they do not want a
>to be helped by SAFEX.
>The attitude displayed by SAFEX is similar to the general attitude of
>ARISS.  Cooperation
>and good will world wide are not ARISS primary goals.  It is more 
>to maintain a monopoly in space than it is to help other independent 
>It is because of the actions of ARISS over the past two years that 
>has taken sets to
>prevent ARISS from running ISS.
>ARISS is only managing the American side of ISS.  Energia is 
>full jurisdiction of
>all projects including Amateur Radio projects which are using any of 
>antenna ports.
>If ARISS and SAFEX continue with their uncooperative  monopolistic
>aptitude, there is the strong is a possibility
>that NASA and Energia could get tired of all of the arguments and 
>terminate all projects.
>It is still possible to rebuild ARISS in to a public independent
>orgiznations, who=92s goals are
>to foster education programs and good will.
>G. Miles Mann WF1F
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