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Re: Comments from MAREX-NA 30 DEC 1998

You listen to Art Bell's show a lot, don't you?  Or is it don=92t?


At 05:23 PM 12/30/98 -0500, Miles Mann wrote:
>December 30, 1998
>The international Space station is supposed to be a place of international
>Over 16 countries have come together to build the new ISS.
>Amateur Radio operations have always been supporters of international
>However the creation of ARISS, is just one big monopoly of AMSAT, SAREX and
>SAFEX clubs.
>A monopoly who=92s primary goal is to prevent independent experienced
>satellite clubs
>from participating in space.
>This following statement from Thomas Kieselbach, proves my earlier memo=
>SAFEX=92s lack of willingness to cooperate with other independent clubs=
>excerpt from Thomas memo
>This stimulated us to develop a new power supply for the Russian 2 mete=
>station in a very short time without having any special contract and ex=
>money. This is the reason why the spare power supply has not been sent =
>Russia but held by us. Otherwise it would have been used without our
>knowledge for the SSTV equipment and could not have been considered as =
>spare for the space-based one.
>This statement proves:
>1. The spare power supply is just sitting on a shelf in Germany.
>2. SAFEX refuses to release or sell the power supply. (my contacts in
>Moscow told
>me the power supply is owed to Moscow, however even though I was told t=
>than one time, there still could be a language translation error).
>3. SAFEX=92s reason for not delivering is because they do not want a
>to be helped by SAFEX.
>The attitude displayed by SAFEX is similar to the general attitude of
>ARISS.  Cooperation
>and good will world wide are not ARISS primary goals.  It is more impor=
>to maintain a monopoly in space than it is to help other independent cl=
>It is because of the actions of ARISS over the past two years that Ener=
>has taken sets to
>prevent ARISS from running ISS.
>ARISS is only managing the American side of ISS.  Energia is maintainin=
>full jurisdiction of
>all projects including Amateur Radio projects which are using any of th=
>antenna ports.
>If ARISS and SAFEX continue with their uncooperative  monopolistic
>aptitude, there is the strong is a possibility
>that NASA and Energia could get tired of all of the arguments and just
>terminate all projects.
>It is still possible to rebuild ARISS in to a public independent
>orgiznations, who=92s goals are
>to foster education programs and good will.
>G. Miles Mann WF1F
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