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SSTV on WIn 3.11?

I am looking for SSTV software for a sound card, and win 3.11.  I have
spent hours and hours surfing the web, only to find mainly WIN 95
software,  or DOS software. 

I have seen about 3 or 4 3.11 programs, but their the links wouldn't
work, and couldn't find it with a search engine, or find that Robot 36 is
not in the unregistered version.  The shareware concept really works good
sometimes, doesn't it! :)

I have a Plug and Play sound card, so the DOS is out.  I looked at some
of the 95/98 stuff, to see if it was tagged for people that didn't know
3.11 stuff is forward compatible, and it appears to be truly 95/98 only.

If you reply, and I hope you will, I really need to know specific
software that works, and not just pages where 3.11 stuff was seen.  My
Internet access is at my Uncles house.   Downloading software, bringing
it home, trying it out, and finding out it doesn't work is becoming a
pain!! :)

73, de Danny

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