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Mir on a Mac

OK I give up, what does a SSTV signal sound like? I seem to be hearing a 
signal that co-incides with the Mir passes, but I don't currently have 
SSTV decoding software or hardware.

I sort of goes ... Bah-Biiip....Bah-Biiip.....

So, 2 requests for help...

1) Could someone please send me a short audio file (any format) of what I 
should be hearing (or an URL for the same). Please email to 

2) If anyone can reccomend SSTV decoding software for the Mac (tracking 
software too), please mail me the details (gecko@ne.com.au). What do the 
Packet Mac users use for decoding? (I'm a VHF-SWL so decode-only is fine 
- this shouldn't need any hardware??)

Please mail me and not the list. Once I have the problem solved I'm going 
to build a web page about it, and post a summary to the list.

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