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   I would like to say thanks to all that have made the SSTV-MIR project
a success; Especially to Farrell Winder (W8ZCF), Hank Cantrell (W4HTB),
Don Miller (W9NTP) & Miles Man (WF1F). Some maybe interested to know that
this started about (2) years ago with  a conversation between Don and
Farrell, just a casual remark as to whether it might be possible to put 
a small SSTV System aboard Mir.   
   After some generous sponsors and a lot of Systems testing, Don ask the
the WINDTRAX students to test the Robot-36 concept during their flight 
missions. The Tasco/ Mir equipment was used in (4) different flights as
students sent & Recv'd. SSTV pic's to their Balloon Satellite; some flights
reached altitudes of 104,000 feet.! For more on the Windtrax SSTV flights 
see their website...http://www.windtrax.org/SSTV.htm
   The legwork continued for Farrell, Hank & Don plus Miles Man, (WF1F) who

worked  from the beginning in supplying suggestions and conferring with the

Russian Energia Group along with  his getting 3 systems transported to 
Russia and training the Cosmonauts who were expected to use it,....
then on Dec 12 we started to get pictures!   
   At present the Mir skd is setup for SSTV pic's on Sat. & Sun.'s on Two 
meters; but will change to 70 Cm after the first of the year.
   We here in Indiana have enjoyed the SSTV pic' both from the Windtrax 
program and the MIR-SSTV project. This overall project has demonstrated the
oustanding educational benefits as well as the international cooperation
Amateur radio operators can exhibit using existing Space vehicles.
Thanks from all here at Windtrax...
Chuck (WB9IHS) 

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