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Re: Recording SSTV signals

I have also tried to do this with CD-R's, again with the same result.  What
I finally did was to get a large hard drive (I had already planned on
getting one anyway.)  Then I would directly record onto the HD with the
program CoolEdit 96.  With it I could record at a low rate say 16bit at
22MHz, then go up to 16 at 44MHz.  This is so far the best recording
program, available as shareware, but it is a good buy to register.  I
recorded a couple RS-18 passes this way for the future, and to save a couple
of records (the black vinyl type) for posterity.
Also if you use CD-R's go for multipacks 10+ or better, since every now and
then the computer gets hungary and wants a fresh CD for a snack.
I know it takes an extra step, but the results are well worth it.

73's and Happy Holliday's
Greer SC
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>The thing about CD-Rs (recordable cds.) they have a buffer that you have
>to keep full...I haven't had any luck recording live audio directly to
>CD-Rs. I have a CD-RW and I have a program that will write to it like a
>hard drive...havn't tried it yet... But you have a buffer on these drives
>you have to keep full or you get a error and ruin disks...
>I ruined about 5 of them experimenting with what I can and can't do..best
>thing is record it to the hard drive and then if its a keeper...save to
>CD-R if you have enough to fill up a recordable... or a RW....
>If you use a CD-R ($3 a piece) and a program that allows you to directly
>write to it, it takes 10 megs to setup that disk for writing...then you
>have to close the disk to use in another CD drive or even eject the disk.
>and if you close it and then open it back up again for more
>recording...then that is anther 10 megs...so you are opening 10 megs for
>about 1 meg worth of data... (I might be wrong about all this... but that
>is how my CD-RW drive works). IF you go with the RW disks then they run
>about $20 I think but you can leave it open like a drive and write to it
>any time...but you cannot use it in another CD drive ( a NON CD-RW drive)
>untill you close it....
>Mini discs are another solution...but I don't own one yet...hehe..one
>step at a time.
>VCRs anther way to go... but if you are like me.. I own one Hi-Fi and a
>patch cable streatch across the house is not something my wife looks
>forward to! hehe... bad enough I got antenna cables out the back
>door...But I did that when she wasn't here...hehe...
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