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Re: Recording SSTV signals

The thing about CD-Rs (recordable cds.) they have a buffer that you have
to keep full...I haven't had any luck recording live audio directly to
CD-Rs. I have a CD-RW and I have a program that will write to it like a
hard drive...havn't tried it yet... But you have a buffer on these drives
you have to keep full or you get a error and ruin disks...
I ruined about 5 of them experimenting with what I can and can't do..best
thing is record it to the hard drive and then if its a keeper...save to
CD-R if you have enough to fill up a recordable... or a RW....
If you use a CD-R ($3 a piece) and a program that allows you to directly
write to it, it takes 10 megs to setup that disk for writing...then you
have to close the disk to use in another CD drive or even eject the disk.
and if you close it and then open it back up again for more
recording...then that is anther 10 megs...so you are opening 10 megs for
about 1 meg worth of data... (I might be wrong about all this... but that
is how my CD-RW drive works). IF you go with the RW disks then they run
about $20 I think but you can leave it open like a drive and write to it
any time...but you cannot use it in another CD drive ( a NON CD-RW drive)
untill you close it.... 
Mini discs are another solution...but I don't own one yet...hehe..one
step at a time.
VCRs anther way to go... but if you are like me.. I own one Hi-Fi and a
patch cable streatch across the house is not something my wife looks
forward to! hehe... bad enough I got antenna cables out the back
door...But I did that when she wasn't here...hehe...

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