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Re: Recording SSTV signals

At 06:51 AM 12/17/98 -0800, Dana Whitlow wrote:
>I have another few suggestions for recording
>SSTV audio:
>1) The Minidisc uses a "lossy" bit rate
>reduction technique, which *may* cause
>some difficulty, but I'm betting it would
>work just fine (it sure does nicely on
>music).  I'd be interested in hearing the
>outcome if anybody should happen to give
>it a try.

I tried it.  Minidisc works very poorly for recording SSTV.
The lossy coding throws away information based on how the
human ear/brain hears sounds, which is not at all the same
way an SSTV receiver sees images.  The playback sounds
pretty much the same, but it doesn't look right.  The pictures
suffer from spatial distortion, color distortion, and loss of
resolution.  They look a little bit like bad Nth-generation
VHS videotape copies.

This is disappointing, because the random-access features of
the disc format make it very convenient for technical uses.

73  -Paul

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