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Hi Harry
Although I've never personally tried it recording SSTV signals, my
suggestion is to use a PC recording package/program, such as Scanner
Recorder.  It also has the ability to only record when there's a signal
(VOX), and one can use different sampling rates/compression.  I think it
should work, and can give you the URL if you're interested.  Or I could
e-mail the program to you.  It's only about 700k in zipped form.
Ray (ZS6RSW)

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Hi Scott,

I am curious, what kind of tape recorder did you use?

I queried the list a few days ago about my problem using an analog
tape recorder for SSTV. The majority of the responses agreed that the
inconsistent tape speed was the culprit of all the recorded frames to
be out of synch. I had a local Ham who tried analog recordings of WX
Satellite Pic's with the same bad results and used a VCR or camcorder
to cure the problem. I lost over two dozen high=altitude balloon pics
the same way. I will try the VCR/camcorder  next.

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