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Greene, Peter wrote:
> Try a HiFi VCR.  Even a cheap one is good at recording this sort of
> thing.  I believe the reason is that the tape speed is controlled by a
> timing signal recorded with the audio on the tape as you record, which
> is used to control playback speed.  HiFi VCR is probably the best
> consumer-quality non-digital recording medium.  Connect your line audio
> out to the audio input jacks.  Ignore the video input.


You usually have to record video as well. Without video alot of VCRs will
shut off after awhile and they try to sync on the noise.  Fortunely
most Hi-Fi VCRs have a mode where they will record video from the tuner
and audio from the line audio input.  When I was recording 9600 bps
satellite stuff for Pacsat demos the VCR worked great.  I recorded the
weather channel video so I could get a video time stamp as well 8->.

73 Eric eac@shore.net  WB1HBU
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