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share it

It seems a shame that such a wonderful, challenging hobby should sinkto
such a low
level of flaming, mud-slinging and bitter recrimination.

YES!! It was agreed that the SSTV would be a short experiment on 2m and
would then
revert to 437.975 MHz, but the 2m transmissions created so much interest
and pleasure
and drew so many people who had never even glanced at MIR and satellite
that it would surely be worth retaining it on maybe an alternating basis
like alternate 
weeks or days, with PMS  and any other packet operations.

This system certainly worked well for Mode B, Mode J and Mode S and
everyone accepted
it and used it, why not alternate again.

Yes I do have 70cm faciliteis, but why struggle and battle and why overload
the cosmonauts
on Mir with additional tasks which are really NOT their priorityu or
purpose, in order to load
and operate 70cm, when they could stick to the one 2m unit and just switch

Looking at the outstanding pictures received of them at work and play, they
seemed to enjoy it, so why not share the pleasure or is the 2m system meant
for the anointed, select purists to send their messages into space and keep
"OTHERS" out??

Surely this is a "Dog in the manger" and "Holier that thou attitude".

Think about it in this time of the spirit of goodwill.

Gerald ZS6BTD Johannesburg
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