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Re: Violation / No violation - Are we blind???

In message <000301be288d$3e1de940$ba132fd1@ve2mrx>, Martin VE2MRX
<ve2mrx@amsat.org> writes
>       THEY are doing us a favor. We are using their expensive time, power, 
>fuel, and they let us use the Mir for experiments. In the balance, WE owe
>them something, don't you think? If I was a cosmonaut and was reading this
>SIG, I would toss the equipment out of the closest airlock.
>       All this for something probably new to them (new equipment), as well as
>many of us, and we thank them how???
Well said Martin.  If they could read these e-mails up there perhaps
they would realise how pig-headed and petty a bunch of individuals some
of us down here can be.  After all it's just a hobby, and I don't think
the use of this freq for SSTV on a short-term test/de-bugging basis is a
life threatening issue! 
Alfie McAfee
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