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Re: APRS MIR School Experiments

To All,

My appologies to any confusion which I may have caused in referring to the
"ongoing APRS MIR school testing".   In explaination, the MIREX team
authorized APRS digipeating via MIR for school experiments on a continuing
not-to-interfere basis in July.  This simply authorized low duty cycle UI
packets between schools for educational purposes when it would not
interfere with the MIR PMS packet system.  This has been widely published
in the various news bulletins.

Thus when the Packet system is on, we are simply doing a little school
experimentation with an EIRP of about 1 watt (5 watts into a rubber duck).
We also welcome the current MAREX Russia SSTV experiments since we also
have the capability to feed any interesting images we receive into our
LIVE MIREX WEB page so our students can see them too.

We are very happy to see the recent interest in the MIR Space station as
evidenced by the excitement over the live SSTV images and similarly the
exceitment of being able to receive MIR Bulletins on our data capable HT.
I guess the timing of the arrival of the SSTV equipment on MIR and the
arrival on store shelves of the new data HT on the same day (last
Saturday) was an unlucky coincidence...

So our "APRS MIR Schools Experiments" remains on a very low priority
not-to-interfere basis when packet is available and we hope should be of
no impact to any operations by the crew, or any of the volunteer
organizations working so hard at keeping amateur radio alive in space....

Sorry if we caused any confusion by our postings to Email.

de WB4APR, Bob

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