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Re: School MIR Experiment

> As part of the ongoing APRS School experiment via MIR, and to demonstrate
> receipt of messages via a handheld amateur walkie-talkie, the Naval
> Academy will be monitoring the MIR downlink on 145.985 using only the
> Kenwood Data HT and its standard rubber duck antenna [this week].

Success!  So far we have captured the following packets:

1) 2200z14Dec:  N3JLQ>APRS,R0MIR*::W3ADO-6  :Hello MD from Sweden, ME
2) 1425z15Dec:  KD4CGA>CQ,R0MIR*:: W3ADO-6  :(msg text lost)
3) 1600z15Dec:  WA4BWB>APRS,R0MIR*::This is a test msg from Lynchburg,VA
4) 1737z15Dec:  SSTV was in use and we copied a perfect picture of clouds

#1 was seen on our WEB page, but the HT on its rubber duck did not capture
it.  #2 was seen on another monitor, but was not captured by the HT
because it had a leading space in the callsign field.  #3 WAS successfuly
received by the HT on its stock rubber duck while I was standing in the
parking lot.  SUCCESS.

Also,using just the stock rubber duck and with the HT transmitting my APRS
position packet once a minute, I have seen it digipeated twice and I also
got a message to WA4BWB digipeated.  So 5 watts into a -6 dB rubber duck
will work to ORBIT.  

Our MIREX WEB page is experiencing some crashes so we lost some data, but
I now have the clock fixed so it is showing the correct times...


de WB4APR, Bob

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