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Cheers to Al and Martin!  

It was a warm welcome to see such sensible remarks that I have not seen on
this forum/listserver in a while.  I have used Mir PMS in the pass, and MIR
SSTV just recently, and I thank all the people/groups/nations who made it
all possible.  I have very much enjoyed the Mir and the RS series
satellites.  The Russians have put up the easiest sats to work.  

Remember, Gentlemen, this is an international project.  I appreciate
everyone's opinion on this listserver, and I have learned a lot about what
it takes to coordinate frequencies, and the hard work these groups have

A lot of the views and suggestions expressed here one way or another are not
possible due to treaties/agreements/and or FCC regulations. 

I would appreciate when views are expressed here, they are expressed like AL
and Martin and a few other hams.  The bickering and flaming and ugly
comments are not the way to express your opinion.  If you feel strongly
about your view, express your view rationally so that we all can have an
intelligent discussion on the subject.  It will be more productive all

I will now step down from the soapbox. 

Dwain G. Andras
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